Study of Some Analogue of Currently Cilinically used Pyrazinamide Compounds

  • Mohammad Asif


There has been considerable interest in the development of new compounds with anti mycobacterial activity particularly against multidrug resistance (MDR) and extensively drug resistant (XDR) tuberculosis (TB) because mycobacterium species have developed resistant against currently used drugs. The currently use anti-TB agents having toxic effect and long period of therapy. Therefore, many researchers have synthesized various analougues of currently used anti-TB agents for antiTB activity. These observations have been guiding for the development of new agents that possess potent antiTB activity with minimum side effects or effective against MDR, XDR mycobacterium, and also in patient co-infected with HIV/AIDS.


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Asif, M. (2015). Study of Some Analogue of Currently Cilinically used Pyrazinamide Compounds. Bulletin of Advanced Scientific Research, 1(3), 83-89. Retrieved from
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