Seasonal variation in the population dynamics of helminth parasites in Gallus gallus domesticus from Solapur and Osmanabad District (M.S) India

  • Asawari M. Fartade Shri Shivaji Mahavidylaya Barshi
  • Ravindra Chati Shri Shivaji Mahavidylaya Barshi
  • Sandhya Salunkhe Shri Shivaji Mahavidylaya Barshi
  • Usha Gavhane Shri Shivaji Mahavidylaya Barshi
  • Anant Gaikwad Shri Shivaji Mahavidylaya Barshi
Keywords: Seasonal variation, Helminth parasite, Gallus gallus domesticus, Population dynamics, Solapur and Osmanabad


The present research work deals with the study of seasonal survey on the prevalence of helminth infection in Gallus gallus domesticus from Solapur and Osmanabad region. The study was conducted from August 2016 to July 2017. For this study Gallus were collected from different places of Solapur and Osmanabad Dist. in different season. After experimental observation the intestines of Gallus were recorded high parasitic infection during the summer season as compared to winter and monsoon.


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